Sanctuary Shaiya is an Ep 5.3+ PVP/PVE private server with EP 4.5 embedded.


EP 5.3+
- Fully Functional Skills
- Latest EP 6 Gears, Weapons and Bosses
- Custom Sanctuary Shaiya only Gear and Weapons
- Custom Sanctuary Shaiya only Lapis
- Custom Accessories and Capes
- Special Sanctuary Shaiya MM Mobs and Bosses
- Maximum Level cap is 80

EP 4.5
Embedded into the existing 5.3 server
- Has its own D-water and surrounding maps and Dungeons
- Has its own bosses, gear.
- Max Level is 60
- Max Skills level 3

- Exp gain rate is x250 on all EPs
- We have Free For All Maps for all levels of PVP
- Area chats are Map-wide, viewable by both factions
- EP 5.3 and EP 4.5 share the same guilds, chats, AH, everything but PVP zones.
- Sanctuary Shaiya Staff are the most friendly, crazy,
devoted, helpful people you’ll come across!
- Cross-faction whispering – No need to log an alternate account to talk to a friend on the opposite
- Since the EPs share AH’s, PVE maps, all Chats and Guilds, you and your friends can stay
connected while playing the EP you enjoy most.


Come join the Best Shaiya Private Server Ever!


GM Event Schedule:

Tuesday: 7PM CST = Wednesday 2 AM GMT+1
Thursday: 7AM CST = 2 PM GMT+1
Saturday: 3PM CST = 10 PM GMT+1

(Disclaimer: These times could vary with a Plus/Minus one hour ratio)



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